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When Will I Get My Periods After Delivery?

After delivery everything around me was different.

I got busy managing my little one.

I was managing the pain of my stitches.

I was recovering from my disturbed sleep cycles.

I was trying to understand my own mood swings.

I was handling the duration of the settling of my hormones.

And most importantly, there were no periods, no strength, no freedom, and no work!

Being there in a traditional Indian family, I was following culturally mandated 40 days of home-custody.

Let’s understand this a bit scientifically.

Getting periods varies from woman to woman. If you are breastfeeding, you may ovulate as early as nine weeks or 10 weeks after giving birth. Your period would then start two weeks later, i.e. at 11 – 12 weeks after giving the birth. However, in some cases, it may be over a year before you start ovulating again, and then your periods would return.

So as I understood, it is absolutely normal to have either situation. No worries if I get it immediately or later. I will get my periods once my hormones settle and allow my ovaries to function regularly.

Now few super new questions hit my head, mainly due to my surroundings and it is confusing, to say the least – I am glad I found the right answers.

Will my periods affect my breastmilk flow? – NO (It is independent of ovulation).

Will my bleeding be more than usual? – NO (If it is too much, please see a gynecologist).

Can I get pregnant before getting my periods? – YES (Please take precautions and use protection while making love)

Once I get my periods, will they be regular?- NO (It depends on your hormones. Periods will be regular after you get them for three consecutive months).

It feels peaceful to understand facts and truths.

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