Dvija Kapol Powder (Uterus Cramps/Pain After Child Birth)


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Age group & best time to use:
Must be taken with first 5 meals after the delivery/child birth . It’s one of the herb called Turtaka. used for reducing stomach pain after delivery irrespective of type of delivery/ child birth. It’s a natural pain that occurs due to slowly uterus returning back to its place and position. It feels as if something is rotating inside stomach. It times this pain is quite a lot for a new mother to bare.

How to use:-   Mix entire content of pack with jaggery powder or crushed jaggery. Divide it in to 5 equal balls. have it with first 5 meals after delivery ( pl note in case of c-section wait till doctor allows you to have meals). You can chew and eat or simply swallow.

Weight- 30gm

Key Points:
Must have to avoid uterus dropping pain after delivery.

Edible / non edible:


Turtaka Etc.


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