Most Unique Birthday Party!!!

It all started as I was thinking how to celebrate my younger daughter’s 4th birthday! We decided to celebrate it in the home garden and with society kids. My elder one came with an idea, “Mumma, let’s do something out of the box.” So together we concluded that it will be a ‘mess’ party.

While I was observing the Kids all these days, I realized that Kids have so much abundance around!  They see a lot of money that parents can spend. They receive all the comforts of life very early.  There must be something which can make them experience the other side of life. In our childhood the way we would have played! It was decided to go ahead with my elder daughter’s idea.

I personally never witnessed a mess party. In fact, the invitation itself was one of its kind- “pl don’t send your kid in a party dress for the birthday party, no gifts though handmade greetings are welcome, no white, no frocks pl.” It provoked a lot of excitement amongst kids who were invited to know exactly why they have to wear simple clothes.

Birthday preparations-

  1. Avengers cake
  2. Kids prepared medals for a friend- You are my champion friend
  3. Music was ready
  4. Balloon decoration around

Mess activities planned for the day-

  1. Welcome every child with a spray of watercolor on full body

*A start that brought smiles, laughter on each face.

  1. Sleeping and sitting dance on the grass

*idea was to make them do those things which we avoid to do to be more sophisticated.

  1. We made kids sit on the floor- pour refined flour(maida) in front of them- added color water. All kids prepared their own clay and made shapes out of it.

*this was the super highlight- boys and girls at that (4-8) age playing with it. There was flour everywhere cloths, face etc.

  1. Took a plate. We had hidden a chocolate beneath refined flour. Kids have to blow flour with the mouth, pick chocolate with mouth and eat. No use of hands.

*This made a lot of noise as kids have to do it with eyes closed otherwise flour was going in their eyes.

  1. Lastly, every child has to find a partner. Paint a tattoo on their face and give a palm print on each other’s

*I saw one little one just drawing dots on entire hand and at the end some cluster. I asked what it is, she replied, “Aunty, this animal went walking up so footprints.”

A Birthday, I did not want to be customized by others. I wanted my kids and their friends to do it all by themselves! No prim prom.


  1. No chairs were kept. Kids have to sit on the floor.
  2. No napkins, towel or tissue kept- after every activity once they wash their hands they have to wipe hands with their clothes.
  3. Colors were an integral part of the party
  4. All friends departed with a medal- my champion friend


My learning’s as a mother

  1. kids love to do mess which they might not get chance in future so I must create avenues
  2. Mess helps them to be involved completely and follow important instructions given irrespective of the party at home not even single thing in the garden was spoiled.
  3. Each medal that kids prepared- this will be a small gesture to tell each child- you are a bundle of potential- go and get all those and turn your dreams into reality.
  4. Handmade greetings gifted were so beautiful. Actually, it made every child do something for a friend with a super personal touch.


It was all worth it to see my kids’ Siya and Saachi filled with laughter and happiness.

Hey parents! We all try to gift every possible exposure to kids. Let’s do something which will help them to get in touch with their core.

Thank you so many kids, you made my life beautiful with mess party.



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