I Can

My life till age 14 can be written in three lines. ‘I was born. I turned 14. I was trying to be someone else to get attention’. Nothing worthwhile was achieved.

I will always remember that day in my 10th std. That day i was reading a book (i think it was a business magazine) with tears rolling down. As that day I had become an object of mockery in front of my entire class, as I was trying to copy my teachers. You know that day ,I realised even in copying I was not best.

Book had a line mentioned. Do you wish to lead or do you wish to follow. Something within started churning.

Took a decision

1. I will plan my studies

2. I will decide the way I express in exams

3. I will be the best version of me

My teacher always says that, ’you are always one decision away from change.’ I passed with flying colors. I got admission into one of the best college in our area. Took few decisions as I entered college life …

1. I want to improve for myself not to impress anyone

2. I am the co author of my life with life.

3. What drives me will decide where it leads me


These decisions in my early days of life have helped to take my life in the new direction. Today when I look back I felt it’s so important to realise that I can create my path and walk on it rather copying someone’s footsteps.

I have realised many of my actions in the past to get attention are still a part of my life but to get inspiration. Just a thought with which I carried action has changed. I follow my teacher’s teachings. I am still observing people around me to get better. I still share time with top performers so that I can observe, learn from them and improve in life.

Changed Feelings can completely change the outcome of the action performed. Let’s get our feelings right, intentions on track and believe- I CAN LEAD.

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