Weaning & BLW (Peaceful solid food introduction) – Hindi

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As your baby approaches the 6 months mark, their nutritional requirement increases drastically. This cannot be met with only breast milk or formula milk anymore & so making sure to know when to start solids is a very crucial aspect. From a well guided solids introduction plan to knowing when to introduce a new meal, how to balance solid meals & breastfeeding or formula feeding all of these doubts will be cleared while providing you with tonnes of recipes & diets to kick-start your child’s food journey.
Want to do baby Led weaning but not sure what is required of you? We provide complete BLW guide in this course. MyDvija babies have shown beautiful results in BLW & we can’t wait for your baby to join in too. This is a recorded online course that you can watch at your convenience around when your baby approaches the 4 months+ mark.
This course is applicable for parents whose kids are between 4 months -9 months.

6 thoughts on “Weaning & BLW (Peaceful solid food introduction) – Hindi

  1. Hemali Ranaware says:

    i cant find the pdf ,where i need 2 check.

    1. Shrreya Shah says:

      u can only find it on website – not on app

      1. meghapatel2210 says:

        Where should I look for pdf in website?

        1. Team Mydvija says:

          plz login on website check material section near content section

  2. Soni Singh says:

    I have seen all the above mentioned vedio for BLW . Is any other course is there because it showing 0 % complete ???

    1. Team Mydvija says:

      check total 28 videos

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