Learn Complete Breastfeeding- Challenges & Solutions (English)

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Are you confused about breastfeeding? Do you want to learn about it? We believe, ” knowledge makes mother more confident.” Know it al & get answers to – questions you have and trust me for those questions also which you yet don’t have.

Lets learn these things for breastfeeding success.
You know the benefits of breast-feeding. Breast milk contains the right balance of nutrients for your baby. Breast milk is easier than commercial formula for your baby to digest, and the antibodies in breast milk boost your baby’s immune system. Breast-feeding might even help you lose weight after the baby is born.

Still, breast-feeding can be challenging. Use these breast-feeding lessons to get off to a good start.

This course will help you to get started how to establish good breastfeeding practices, what are alternatives , what are AIDS available and how to ensure a good breastmilk supply once baby is born and beyond…

This course is for a new mothers in their 4th trimester who wants to start breastfeeding journey with clarity and confidence.

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