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Antenatal Cases For Expecting Couples- Why?

While childbirth & pregnancy is a cherished moment in a mother’s life, it can also be equally overwhelming. Prenatal or antenatal classes help expecting moms by enlightening the nuances of pregnancy. It talks about diet, garbhasanskar, exercises, pranayama, day to day concerns, home remedies, labor support and management, delivery, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and baby care. The mission of ‘my dvija’ through these classes is to equip a parent-to-be with the guidance relating to physical fitness, scientific facts, and emotional competence to embrace the experience of childbirth in a confident and positive manner.

Why Indian women should join prenatal classes?

Most of the medical help, advice, medication, and guidance is provided by a gynecologist or obstetrician. However, there are still a lot of non-medical factors that need to be addressed which make an expecting mother ready, excited and confident about changes.

Also, often we have to find a gentle balance between


Antenatal classes can help you to precisely bridge this gap, and most importantly you can do this peacefully.


It is easy to imagine a “Tree with a lot of green leaves with a picture than in the absence of it.

The role of antenatal classes is to precisely make you understand things in more depictive and interesting ways. Prenatal classes are open, interactive, fun sessions where parents-to-be get to clarify a lot of questions associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Prenatal classes: more relevant for women today?

Many of us have nuclear families these days. Besides, a greater number of women today are multi-tasking and are career-oriented. They often find it difficult to take care of their health between juggling deadlines at work and responsibilities at home. In this vibrant scenario, it is a need of an hour to make couples understand the responsibilities of becoming parents.

Prenatal classes are proving to be a great bonding experience for expecting couples. They are also fast breaking the predominant perception that childbirth is a women-only affair.

In this changing world, men are becoming more proactive fathers. One of the students who attended these classes and is a proud father now mentions this in his testimonial that,

” it is one of the most valuable and quality time that you will spend as couples together. Participating in this is not for the sake of a child but for you to be a responsible parent. It will also make you appreciate the mother to be. After all, said and done, those crucial moments when you approach labor contractions and you have clarity as to when to leave for the hospital is something I wouldn’t have learned even from the traditional knowledge my older generations would have passed on to me. I am thankful to mydvija for helping me becoming an aware father.”

Thank you so much to all those 3000 plus couples for trusting mydvija and understanding the importance of being confident as a couple of this special journey.



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